Christopher Anderson
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This site was made in memory of our 7 year old son Christopher.  Born on the 26th July 2002 and taken 26th October 2009.  Named after his father and his great grandfather.  His memory will be kept alive in our hearts and minds forever.

Christopher was an active litle boy who loved all things in nature. He loved camping, was mad on fishing with his father and loved helping his brother, sister and his mummy.  He loved his animals especially his Shar-pei puppy Bonnie.  Two peas in a pod they were, both cheeky and both always getting into anything they could.  Christopher was the youngest of three and yes i admit he was spoilt.  Always sleeping with mum when he was a baby and not ever leaving their fathers side as he grew. As many said he was his fathers shadow helping him in the shed fixing the motorbikes getting the fishing rods done and always trying to rope his mother into fishing aswell (now mum does not like fishing) so i would just watch and smile.

Christopher loved his school and loved his headmaster and teacher.  So did his family.  They made school such a fun and positive experience for him and he made so many little friends. 

As his mother i can write so many things about my baby boy but then i wouldnt stop.  I miss him everyday.  I am blessed i was his mother for that i consider my self special.  I love you my little critter i will carry you in my heart everywhere i go.  Till we see you again our little man.

Love your mum and dad, brother and sister xxxxxooooo

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